Author: Markus Loeffler

Video: UNplug compact power generator showcase

The UNplug compact power generator is a mobile or stationary power source that can use solar energy to power some essential household items. It is very easy to setup and use:

  1. connect to the power grid
  2. connect the solar panels
  3. plug in your appliance

Now you are ready to use free energy!

This setup shows a small solar panel which provides enough power to run a fan all day. At night the unit automatically switches to the utility grid. In case of a blackout the energy comes from the internal batteries.

1500 Watt compact power generator

The unit houses a 1500W inverter and a 512Wh Lithium battery – this is enough power to even run your fridge, toaster or TV.

Inside the house you have the same setup as shown outside just run a long cable from the solar panel and connect them with the unit then plug into the wall socket and plug in your appliances

With just one 250W solar panel you can plug in your fridge, computer, internet modem, and all mobile devices!

The system comes fully equipped with Wifi Internet Of Things capability. This live page shows the performance data of the UNplug unit: