Solar cabin power in the Alps

Solar panels generate power log cabins

Log cabin power: Solar panels used in the Alps to generate power for lights

I recently returned from a hiking vacation in the Italian alps in the area of Val Gardena (Grödner Tal). The last time I visited that region was seven years ago. For me it is one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots on earth with great views of the Dolomites – it all seems to be preserved inside a picture-book. If it wouldn’t be that far away I would probably travel there every other month!

There is an interested trend visible which I noticed while hiking the winding trails: almost everywhere you see log cabins powered by solar panels on their roofs now – seven years ago they were not around yet. The panels seem to be in the range of 100-150W and are most likely only for lights inside the cabin. For the remote locations this is certainly the most sustainable and efficient solution. I cam across a website called Responsible Travel which features modern solar cabin power in the French Alps. I hope this trend keeps growing and we see more solar cabin power all around the globe.

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