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Treehugger Green energy UNplug solar power

Treehugger, Inhabitat, Jetson Green, Planetsave and a few others are featuring Unplug

News about press coverage:
TreehuggerInhabitat, Jetson Green and Mesquite Hugger have all articles about the Kickstarter campaign!

Here is a collection of some of their headlines:

 Where’s the middle ground between having a small solar charger for your gadgets, and having a rooftop solar array capable of powering your entire house?
The UNplug might know

UNplug lets you reduce your dependence on the grid and stay powered during outages

Solar Kickstarter Coffee-Napkin Minipost: UNplug your fridge off-grid!

The simple and inexpensive power savings solution has arrived

I will update this page as soon as new articles will be published.

Who ever has contact to the press please share this if you want to see the idea of an independent energy supply soar.

Here is a link to the KICKSTARTER




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