Power plant in a toolbox – the new UNplug power generator

You can carry your power generator now like a toolbox: a robust case now makes it easy to find a spot for your own power plant in your house or on the road:

UNplug solar power generator plant toolbox easy carry

Power plant in toolbox size: the new UNplug power generator can be carried around easily. This is the fully functional prototype – currently only the H4 solar connectors are still on order.

The heart of the new UNplug solar power generator is the rev.3 PCB which now features an onboard charge controller. Further improvements are:

UNplug energy controller Rev. 3 solar power generator

The new UNplug power board rev.3 is now rated for 15A at 120V and 240V AC

  • supporting now 15A @ 120V and 240V AC
  • fewer parts
  • 30A, 120/240VAC heavy duty relay
  • 40W switching power supply to charge the battery and power the unit at night
  • 50A, 30V solar PWM charge controller built-in


Solar Power Generator

The benchmarking data for the new design include:

1500W pure sine wave inverter, sealed lead acid or lithium type batteries in a sturdy metal case with a total weight of 77 pounds. In full configuration this power generator is able to charge an electric vehicle via a level 1 charger!

Capacity of the batteries are 0.8 – 1.5 kWh depending on the type. This is enough energy to power your fridge during the night.


Foldable solar panels can be used at home and on camping trips, boat or cabin.

There are now foldable solar panels available which are ideal if the entire setup should be mobile. Solar panels can be setup in parallel with up to 50A and 44Voc. For optimum performance solar modules with 60 individual cells (36Voc) are recommended.


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