Successful exhibit at the “Just Doing Stuff” fair

Luckily it was a sunny afternoon at the “Just Doing Stuff” fairgrounds which were hosted in the Emerson Ave Community Gardens because showing solar panels has much more impact in the sunlight.

I got a lot of very positive feedback from the visitors and organizers. Because of the overall nature of the event the people were already more open to environmental issues and new ideas.

All people that I talked to had an electricity bill that was below $40 per month. More than half of them had contacted solar installation companies before and after evaluating their energy bill these companies walked away stating it would not pay off!

But there is a solution for them: most of the visitors were excited and would immediately install the solar UPS kit if it would be already on the market. You can watch a video from that day here.

Following the fair was a talk by Rob Hopkins (Transition US) and a panel discussion from local groups like Tree People, Meghan Sahli-Wells (Vice mayor of Culver City) and any more.

Prototype of the Solar UPS controller on display

Prototype of the Solar UPS controller on display

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