Project Milestone: first picture of the PCB layout

A big milestone for the project: the first iteration of the board layout has been finished on sunday. It looks like we need a 4 layer board to get all the connections done. Mike from Athens Consulting did a good job capturing my hand-drawn schematics and arranging the parts. The hard task was creating all the correct footprints of the components. For example were the hall sensors (U3 and U6 in the drawing, will measure currents up to 100A) not in any part-library.

Before I order the initial batch of 5 PCBs the entire layout will go thru 1-2 more iterations to further shrink the dimensions of the board to minimize the high current connections.

In the “part stress” analysis we will test if all components have the right dimension to withstand the specified current flows. The power MOSFEFs for example will be responsible for switching 50 Amps and need to be cooled.

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First iteration of PCB layout

First iteration of PCB layout

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