Should solar PV panels face west instead of south?

In the area where I live there are often overcast and clouds in the morning and it clears around noon. Currently I am using south facing rooftop solar panels but I also have east and west facing surfaces. Should I relocate my panels?

The Pecan Street Research Institute found that homeowners who aimed their panels toward the west, instead of the south, generated 2% more electricity over the course of a day.

Here is a link to the full article:

The research is the first of its kind to evaluate the energy production of solar panels oriented in different directions. Pecan Street analyzed 50 homes in the Austin, Texas area. Some had only south-facing panels, others had west-facing panels, and some had both. South-facing panels produced a 54 percent peak reduction overall, while west-facing solar PV panels produced a 65 percent peak reduction.

It might not be worth the effort to move your solar panels to a different spot but for new installations it is worth reconsidering the location.

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