What the FRACKing??? (Another CLEAN ENERGY MYTH)

Can FRACKING supply us with the CLEAN ENERGY we require?

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Side Effects of Fracking

I’m sure by now you have at least heard the term Hydraulic fracturing or FRACKING and maybe you wonder what the fuzz is all about.  If you haven’t – I will attempt to bring together some key information for you here, because this is definitely something that could potentially affect you in a very negative way…

FRACKING is, as its’ supporters say, a way to create CLEAN ENERGY.  Those benefitting financially will tell you that it is a great way to extract natural gas and oil from areas under ground that so far have not been able to be reached.  They will highlight that JOBS and MONEY that can be made with the method, and tell you there are no environmental concerns.  The water and chemicals used alone are grounds enough for me to say NO WAY this is CLEAN ENERGY!

72 Trillion Gallons of Water and 360 Billion of Chemicals are being used to run the currently active Fracking Wells

The complete statement is: “Drilling for natural gas in itself doesn’t pose a threat to air and water quality, if it‘s done properly.” – Dr. Charles Groat, University of Texas

So what happens when its not done “properly”?   How often have we found that matters of great importance have NOT been handled properly, only to leave us in front of the mountains of shrapnel, dead animal, poisoned land and radioactive oceans?

As for FRACKING, the damage that occurs when it is NOT done properly, a whole number of things can go wrong, including fire coming out of a water faucet of someone living near a fracking site, toxic fumes and poisoned groundwater.


Click HERE for a quick animated intro to HOW FRACKING WORKS

Click HERE to watch a short video on how FRACKING impact our WATER

Click HERE  to learn more about BANNING FRACKING

Click HERE to read the TRUE STORY of a town in TEXAS – now called GASLAND


As in my last post on NUCLEAR POWER I pose the question: Can we call an energy source that can bring this much damage to our selves and the planet CLEAN ENERGY?
I believe not – which is why we must continue to do research and be creative when it comes to solar energy captivation, distribution and usage.

ONE-FRIDGE-OFF-THE-GRID is a program to help you move in the right direction, on a small scale, with the potential for great impact.

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