Milestone: PCB pre-production done – a new solar controller sees the light of day

[UPDATE] Please visit the Kickstarter Page to support the project!

This is a very exciting announcement because the many months of hard work have now manifested in the device I have envisioned for such a long time: the solar controller!

solar controller ups arduino atmega2560

Rev 1 of the solar controller – in the upper right corner sits the ATmega2560 with the Arduino Proto-Shield connectors

I can finally clean out my makeshift lab in the garage where my first prototype is wired taking up several tables. Now everything to power my refrigerator, TV, stereo, laptops and modem will fit in a small box!

The picture might look like a photo of any other circuit board of a gutted appliance but it is actually based on the most successful open-source electronics prototyping platforms: Arduino.

In the right upper corner you can see the connectors for the Proto-Shield – this means if you are a hacker, maker, inventor or DIY person, and like to build your own prototypes this is a new platform you can use to build electronics that plug into 120V and control high power items like heaters, pumps, lights, etc. The processor driving all this is the ATmega2560, a high-performance, low-power Atmel 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller. Find out more details here.

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