Ready – Set – Go Green Power!

The final component in the puzzle has arrived: a made-to-fit plastic case has been produced so the controller can be used safely. This new type of green power controller has been engineered with one goal: making system design and installation easier, cheaper, and more versatile. No utility permits are required to use solar power with this controller, you can start with just one solar panel.

DIY green power

You purchase all components, you setup and you own your energy! Assembly will not take longer than 15 minutes and you can start saving dollars on your energy bill from day one.

Open Hardware

The ups controller is a small box that connects all components

The ups controller is a small device that connects all components: inverter, battery, charge controller and solar panels

Based on a new open hardware technology, the solar UPS controller simplifies the configuration, distribution, and implementation of energy storage through a modular approach. It is making it easier than ever to provide a low cost solution for using renewable energy in any residential environment.

Modular Design

This controller can be combined with any solar panel, charge controller, inverter or battery that is available on the market. The major benefit is that your system can be extended during the years of operation. If more solar power is needed then additional panels can be added easily. If a more efficient charge controller is becoming available then that unit can simply be swapped out. If more backup power is required then the battery bank can be extended. Inverters of all types (pure sine and MSW) an quality levels can be used. Read more about technical details here and how a system can be configured. If you have technical questions, want to know how to purchase a unit, or want to see a demo send an email.

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